Dr. LaConte, a Naturopathic Physician, is a UBCNM graduate. Her mission is to facilitate better mind, body connections with patients.
How did she become interested in Naturopathic Medicine?
Dr. LaConte has 28 years’ experience working in the field of Aesthetics, which piqued her interest to further study nutrition and its relevance to clear and beautiful skin. So, it was a natural fit to expand her interests into Naturopathic Medicine. This gave her the training and capabilities to heal patients using natural remedies - (herbals, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, natural supplements, Far Infrared Sauna).
Dr. LaConte’ favorites:
As an educator of the sciences, she enjoys teaching Anatomy & Physiology at Housatonic Community College, private tutoring, side splitting jokes and anything with avocados. 

Areas of concentration:
Endocrine disorders (thyroid, type 1 & 2 diabetes), GI conditions, Allergy testing


How do other patients feel?

"I have always been able to talk to Dr. LaConte and get my problems resolved. It always feels like I am dealing with trusted family! I would, and will, recommend her to anyone who needs a great doctor. Patient care is truly her number one priority."


"I was thrilled to discover Dr. LaConte who in barely over in 20 days, has brought my diabetic blood glucose levels down to an average of 75-100 mg/dL and in the same amount of time I have trimmed off 11 pounds and counting! More so, I am off several diabetic and other strong medications in favor of a natural process and supplement regime -and it's working! I highly recommend Dr. LaConte for a variety of health issues that uses common sense and naturalistic approach. I've never felt better!"
-B. Carbone, Shelton, CT